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why would anybody not want to watch a show with 5-7 tatiana maslanies

life is a stage (part two)

Title: life is a stage (part two)

Pairing: Soccercop

Word Count: 4,552

Chapter Summary: Theatre AU. The budget for their show requires some extra cash flow, and what better way to make some extra money than with a bake sale?

[Prologue] [Part One]

She takes her time watching Cosima walk towards the Manning table, pulse beating erratically at the thought of talking with Beth alone. When she finally brings her gaze back to Beth, she’s toying with one of her squares in her hand. She frowns and crosses her arms, “I won’t be able to sell that now that you’ve put your fingers all over it.”

Beth looks up at her and smiles before reaching into her back pocket, “How much are you charging for one?”

She flails her arms forward and swats at Beth’s wallet, “No, no – I wasn’t suggesting that you buy one. I was just…commenting on how unsanitary that is,” she shuffles under Beth’s quirked eyebrow, “Um, I guess.”

Beth takes her bottom lip between her teeth and shakes her head, “You’re quite the woman, d’you know that, Alison?”

Unsure of how to respond, she’s caught between a hybrid motion of a nod and a head shake; Beth chuckles and tilts her head, “I’m going to have to readjust that to adorable woman, actually,” Before Alison can respond, Beth presses, “Honestly, how much are you charging?”

“Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of raising funds for our show if the director buys–”

“How much, Alison, Jesus Christ.”

She huffs out a breath and straightens her bangs, “$3.00.”


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